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The impact of age and BMI on oocyte maturation and embryo development

Background: Ovarian oogenesis is under the control of gonadotropins. In the human ovary, each fully grown oocyte resumes maturation in response to gonadotrophins. This process is completed after oocytes reach metaphase stage of second meiotic division (MII) stage. The aim of this prospective, clinical trial was to perceive the age and BMI effect on oocytes maturation and embryos development in women undergoing control ovarian hyperstimulation.

Method: A total of 40 infertile women undergoing ovarian hyperstimulation their age range between 18-40 y old were included in this study using two type of protocol: long agonist and antagonist.

Result: Significant negative correlation was observed between the age and the number of retrieved MII oocytes. Significant negatively effects of the BMI on the number of MII oocytes while significant positive correlation between the BMI and the fertilization rate was noticed.

Conclusion: There are negative effects of age and BMI on the oocytes number and quality.

Author(s): Manal Taha Al-Obaidi, Huda Bahjat Mahdi, Estabraq Alwasiti
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