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The evaluation of effect of gamma knife on cavernous sinus hemangioma through computed tomography

Objective: Using Computed Tomography (CT) to evaluate the treatment effect of gamma knife surgery in the treatment of Cavernous Sinus Hemangioma (CSHs).

Method: This article retrospectively analysed 31 patients with CSHs who were confirmed clinically and pathologically from Oct 2013 to Apr 2015 in Imaging Center of Xian Central Hospital. Using CT scan images to observe the changes of patient’s clinical symptoms and tumour size before and after gamma knife treatment. The various data were statistically analysed. Further analysis of the influence of tumour lesion size, location and therapeutic dose on the therapeutic effect.

Results: With CT scan, the location of tumour lesion and calcification for CHSs patients can be clearly be seen. After treatment with gamma knife, the diameter of tumour reduced from 3.57 ± 0.46 cm to 2.93 ± 0.56 cm, with significant reduction (P<0.05). From the change of Gross Tumour Volume (GTV) of these patients, 0 cases is complete remission, 22 cases are partial remission, 8 cases are stable and 1 case is progressive. The effective rate of gamma knife is 10.97%, and the stable rate is 96.77%. Furthermore, after treatment with gamma knife, 20 patient’s headache symptoms have been improved, 13 patient’s diplopia symptom have been improved, 5 patient’s tinnitus symptom have been alleviated, 18 patient’s eyelid ptosis symptom have been improved, 21 patient’s facial numbness symptom have been improved. Additionally, the location of tumour lesion is one factor that influences the treatment effect (P<0.05).

Conclusions: Gamma knife treatment could improve nerve function and other symptoms in patients with CHSs, and has a good therapeutic effects and important value.

Author(s): Min-Xu, Tao Li, Jing Zhang
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