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The efficacy and safety of dezocine combined with propofol used in cystoscopy

Purpose: To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of using dezocine combined with propofol undergoing painless cystoscopy.

Methods: 120 patients who undergoing eystoscopy were randomly divided into three groups: dezocine group (group D), Fentanyl group (group F) and physiological saline (group N), each groups plus propofol through intravenous anesthesia respectively. The MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure), HR (Heart Rate) and SpO2 (Pulse Oxygen Saturation) were observed after anesthesia, The total amounts of propofol, the period of loss consciousness and arousal time were recorded. The sores of postoperative pain, consciousness-sedation and degree of comfort were registered at 15 min, 30 min, 60 min.

Results: The MAP and HR at T1 time all significant lower than at T0 time (P<0.05), but the comparative differences between groups was no statistically, the HR and BIS of group N are higher at T2 time than group F and D. At T3 time, the MAP and HR of group F and N were higher than group D (P<0.05). The total amounts of propofol of group F and D were significantly reduced than group N (P<0.05), but the period of loss consciousness between groups were no statistically. The arousal time of group F were significantly shorter than group D and N. The pain of urethra of group D was obviously alleviation compare to group F and N.

Conclusion: Dezocine combined with propofol for cystoseopy has big worth on clinical application because it small dosage, Palinesthesia perfect, safety, comfortable and so on.

Author(s): Zeng Yan, Wen-qi Xin, Ai-xiang Li
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