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The effects of rhBMP-2 on bone healing in ovariectomized rats treated with zoledronic acid and dexamethasone

Background/aim: The aim is to determine the histological findings of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) on bone healing after zoledronic acid (ZOL) treatment in ovariectomized rats.

Materials and Methods: The study was performed on 42 female Sprague-Dawley rats untreated for 4 w after ovariectomy. Fourteen rats were injected with 7.5 μg/kg ZOL once a week, and 1 mg/kg dexamethasone per day served as control. Two groups of 14 rats were injected with the same dosage as a control group for once a week for two weeks (group A) and three weeks (group B). The molar teeth in both jaws were extracted two weeks after the first injection for the control group and group A and three weeks for group B. Collagen carriers with rhBMP-2 were implanted into the extraction sockets in groups A and B. The histological findings of new bone formation, and necrotic bone were recorded.

Results: The new bone formation was observed in 71.4% of group A and 28.6% of group B (P=0.017). Necrotic bone was observed in 14.3% of both the control group and group A and 71.4% of group B (P=0.032).

Conclusion: An increased rhBMP-2 dosage on bone healing after ZOL treatment in ovariectomized rats could lead to new bone formation.

Author(s): Berkem Atalay, Fatih Cabbar, Nurhan Guler, Kemal Sencift
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