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The effects of birth parameters on skin prick test results in adult patients

Aim: To explore whether gender, low birth weight, prematurity and birth type (vaginal vs. abdominal) affects skin prick test results.

Methods: This cross-sectional study comprised 350 patients who applied with allergic respiratory symptoms and underwent skin prick test in-between February 2016-June 2016. The patients were asked for premature birth, low birth weight and birth type (vaginal vs. abdominal). The patients who could answer those questions (252 patients; 130 male, 122 female) were involved. The skin prick test results of the patients were evaluated regarding gender, premature birth, birth weight and birth type. The ratios of positive skin prick test in patients with a low/normal birth weight, abdominal vs. vaginal birth and premature vs. term birth were compared.

Results: Out of 252 patients who underwent skin prick test, 112 patients (44.5%) had a positive result. The most common allergens were grass pollen, cereal allergen mixture and D. Farinea. Most of the patients with positive test results (67.9%) were born with abdominal delivery had prematurity (65.0%) and low birth weight (73.9%). The odds ratios were 7.89, 2.50 and 3.97 respectively.

Discussion: The prematurity, low birth weight and abdominal birth seem to increase sensitivity to allergens.

Author(s): Suat Konuk, Hikmet Coban
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