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The effect of perioperative psychological intervention on psychological and quality of life in patients with coronary heart disease after CABG

Objective: Coronary heart disease has become the third major disease threatening human health in China. CABG is the main treatment method, and has better treatment effect. However, the psychological status of patients will have some negative emotions during the perioperative period of CABG due to many factors, such as their own diseases and environment, which will affect the therapeutic effect of CABG seriously. In order to study the perioperative effect of psychological intervention on the psychological and quality of life of patients after CABG, the second people's hospital of our province in February 2016, 8 months were set to contrast observation group.

Methods: The intervention group and the control group were set up according to whether psychological intervention was carried out. There were 40 patients in the two groups. SAS, SDS and SWLS were used to make quantitative analysis from two aspects: psychological status and quality of life.

Result: The result showed that after 72 h postoperative, the SAS scores of the control group and the intervention group are 43.6 and 38.1 respectively (t=8.13, p<0.05), and the SDS scores of the control group and the intervention group are 42.2 and 36.3 respectively (t=9.77, p<0.05).

Conclusions: Perioperative psychological intervention can effectively improve the psychological status of patients undergoing CABG which has important significance, and has important help for postoperative recovery and quality of life.

Author(s): Ping Fumin, Wang Ran, Zhang Aimin, Shi Jiyue, Ma Jinghong, An Jing
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