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The effect of early feeding after enema reduction of intussusception in order to investigate the rate of recurrence and side effects of reduction

This study has been done to investigate the effect of early feeding after saline enema reduction of intussusceptions on its side effects and recurrence rate at Children’s Medical Center from 2012 to 2013. The study population consist of all patients with intussusceptions who admitted to Children's Hospital Medical Center from 2012 to 2013. Then, all these patients were divided randomly with block randomization method in quaternary blocks and non-blind into two groups: case group (early onset of feeding) and control group (fed with late onset). Members of the case group were hospitalized at least 24 h and were fasting for longer than 2 h. While in the control group, patients were just observed for a few hours after reduction and started to feed 2 hours after consciousness. After discharging from hospital, a pamphlet was given to each family’s patient containing information about intussusceptions. Locations of intussusceptions were at the ileocolic and the small bowel for 85 (94%) and 5 (6%) patients, respectively. Recurrence was reported for 2 (4%) people in the case group and 7 (16%) people in the control group which had no significant difference (P=0.45). No side effects were reported in any of patients during follow-up. It appears that using saline enema reduction of intussusceptions in children who started feeding early is safe, convenient, non-invasive, with minimal recurrence rates and side effects.

Author(s): Saideh Forati, Bahareh Yaghmaii, Bahar Allah-Verdi
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