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The effect of Benson's relaxation method on hemodialysis patients' anxiety

Introduction: Hemodialysis is one of treatments for patients with renal failure which leads to numerous psychotic and social problems in addition to mental disorders. The aim of this study is to examine the effect of Benson’s relaxation method on hemodialysis patients’ anxiety.

Materials and Methods: It is a clinical trial study carried out in Imam Ali and Khatam Al Anbia hospitals of Zahedan. 105 hemodialysis patients who had the study inclusion criteria were selected and divided into two groups of relaxation method and control. Data gathering tools included demographic information form, Spielburger anxiety evaluation questionnaire and Benson’s relaxation registration checklist which were filled out two times before and after the intervention. Benson’s relaxation practice has been done for four weeks, twice a day and each time for 15 to 20 minutes. Having gathered the data, they were analysed using SPSS statistical software version 16, k2 test, paired sample t-test and ANOVA.

Results: The mean of hidden and obvious anxiety marks changes showed a significant difference after intervention in relaxation group (P=0.001) but it was not significant in control group. The mean of total anxiety marks also did not show a significant difference after the intervention than before it in relaxation group based on paired sample t-test (P=0.001).

Discussion: Results of the study showed that using those non-pharmacological methods confirmed by nurses like Bensons relaxation can be effective for declining and controlling hemodialysis patients’ anxiety. The researcher recommends the nurses to pay more attention to Banson’s relaxation method as a simple, cheap and effective one while taking care of the patients.

Author(s): Fatemeh Kiani, Mohammad Ali Hasan Zadeh, Mahnaz Shahrakipour
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