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The design and analysis of a hybrid attendance system leveraging a twofactor (2f) authentication (fingerprint-radio frequency identification)

With the overwhelming acceptance and adoption of RFID tags, a variety of everyday automation activities are being systematically accelerated and accomplished across different industry verticals. The passive RFID tags can be easily observed within 20 feet and hence can be applied to supply a unique RFID code for every tagged entity. For granting more powerful two-factor authentication, fingerprint images of students and other stakeholders are also being carefully captured and stored in networkaccessible database systems locally as well as remotely for data and disaster recovery. This sort of arrangement significantly enhances the veracity of the participants’ attendance and participation in their learning and professional assignments. For example, for schools, colleges and universities, the attendance details of students and scholars can be minutely captured and leveraged. In this paper, we have explained a framework for highly accurate attendance system. We have described how the local and the remote (AWS cloud) execution of data capture, processing, and storage happens and the distinct advantages of cloud-based data processing. Considering the need for higher network performance requirements, we have demonstrated how the seamless convergence of RFID with Li-Fi communication is to realize heightened cloud performance.

Author(s): Parvathy Arulmozhi, JBB Rayappan, Pethuru Raj
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