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The decline of HCV and HBV infection prevalence among haemodialysis patients in Southern Saudi Arabia: a success story

Introduction and Objective: Chronic hepatitis C and B impose a significant mortality and morbidity burden worldwide and particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). In haemodialysis patients (HD) patients, chronic hepatitis, especially HCV infection poses a real problem. The objective of this communication was to assess HCV and HBV infection rates in patients undergoing haemodialysis in Abha, Southern Saudi Arabia.

Methods: In this cross-sectional hospital based study, we studied the demographic factors and the frequencies of HCV and HBV infection among all patients undergoing haemodialysis for end stage kidney disease in 2016. Those rates were compared to previous published reports.

Results: There were 200 males and 118 females with ESRD undergoing haemodialysis. The prevalence of HCV infection was 10% among men and 18.6% among women (was 45%-68% in the year 2000). On the other hand, one male patient (0.5%) and 3 females (2.5%) were infected by both HCV and HBV. HBV infection was 5%-11% in the year 2000.

Conclusion: The present study demonstrated a clear decline of both hepatitis C and B infection prevalence in a large haemodialysis facility as compared to a previous high infection rates a decade earlier. This decline is a result of strict application of the international guidelines and possible HBV vaccination programs.

Author(s): Mohamed Elbagir K Ahmed, Haider A Omer, Ibrahim Jubran, Suliman M Al-Humayed, Husaam H Ali
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