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The barriers of clinical education in nursing: A systematic review

Considering the great significance of proper clinical education in training nurses qualifying for provision of quality care, this study has been conducted with the aim of investigating the obstacles against clinical education among the nurses. In this systematic review study, international databases (PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, CINHAL, EMBASE, ERIC, Google scholar, as well as national banks including Magiran and SID) were searched from the time of inception until January 30, 2018. The obstacles of clinical education in individual areas (associated with students (Lack of motivation in students), professors (Absence of experience professor with a high academic level), and nurses (Personnel uncooperativeness)), managerial (Shortage of time), facilities (Deficit of facilities and working conditions), structures, and other areas were identified. Based on the obstacles identified across various dimensions, proper plans and strategies should be designed and implemented with each of the obstacles to enhance the quality of clinical education.

Author(s): Hosien Shadadi, Mahmood Sheyback, Abbas Balouchi, Maryam Shoorvazi
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