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The application and empirical study of sports activities in the intelligence development of children with autism in China

Autism is a kind of psychological disease, which is hard to cure. It is not only affected by the external factors, but also congenital. This paper studied from the perspective of Chinese autistic children’s intelligence exploitation to emphasize the importance of role that sport plays in it. It conducted the research aiming at the system construction of autistic children’s sports activities and analyzed the value of system construction of autistic children’s sports activities from the aspects such as: the government agencies, social activists, autistic children’s parents and autistic children themselves; secondly, it carried out the comparison analysis on the behavioral ability of autistic children and normal children and studied by taking the autistic children’s intelligence and their balance ability of participating in sports game as the breakthrough point. In this study, the run test, the comparative analysis and variance analysis in the SPSS software are used comprehensively. It gets the conclusion that part 4 group is relatively good for the overall construction supporting strength of the autistic children’s sports events system, but there are still a small number of groups that do not support; there is a significant difference between the autistic children and normal children in aspect of intelligence, while after the training of the sports games, the autistic children’s balance ability and intelligence have been changed significantly. Thus, the education and cultivation of the autistic children’s intelligence are the most important at the present stage of the children work.

Author(s): Dawei Cao
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