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The "improved bi-ring" method for the correction of mammary ptosis post augmentation mammoplasty

The aim of this study was to investigate the outcomes of “Improved Bi-Ring” method (IBI) of correction of post-Augmentation Mammoplasty Mastoptosis (pAMM). IBI was utilized to remove the foreign material or prosthesis after augmentation mammoplasty, thereby correcting mastoptosis. The subcutaneous tissues of the inferior pole of the breast were dissected at the 4-8 o’clock position via a bicircular incision until the submammary fold, with no wide separation in the other quadrants. The glands were incised vertically along the lower breast quadrant, the foreign material was removed, and the exterior and interior sides of the lower breast quadrant were properly folded and sutured to correct mastoptosis. In patients with intact pectoralis major, silicone prostheses were positioned behind this muscle. Between June 2008 and March 2015, IBI was performed to correct pAMM in 15 cases, including 9 cases of foreign material removal and mastoptosis correction and 6 cases of simultaneous silicone prosthesis implantation to correct mastoptosis. The follow-up lasted from 2 months to 2.5 years. The postoperative shapes of the breasts were satisfactory, and no complications occurred. IBI for correcting pAMM is a simple technique that allows concealing the scar and leads to good postoperative results.

Author(s): Ruomiao Chen, Xiuying Shan, Meishui Wang, Houbing Zheng, Biao Wang
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