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Study on the platelet levels of 1009 infants and high risk infants with cerebral palsy and its clinical significance

Objective: To investigate the platelet levels in the blood serum of infants and high risk infants with cerebral palsy (CP) at different ages in order to provide theoretical basis for early intervention of CP and prevention of secondary lesion.

Methods: Serum specimens of 1009 infants with CP and 296 healthy children were collected, and blood platelet counts of these children were analyzed and evaluated. According to the age, both groups were divided into 4 months ~ 1 year old, 1 year old ~ 2 years old and 2 years old ~ 4 years old, a total of three groups. All children were accepted blood routine examination. The equipment of blood routine examination was cytoanalyzer MEK-5108 k made in Japan.

Results: The platelet levels of infants with CP in different ages groups were as follows: 362.30 ± 104.696 (× 109/L), 316.59 ± 93.958 (× 109/L), and 271.87 ± 71.190 (× 109/L). Z is 89.415 among the three groups. There were statistical significance (P<0.001). The platelet levels of healthy children in different age groups were as follows: 339.57 ± 71.309 (× 109/L), 306.56 ± 66.658 (× 109/L), and 283.64 ± 64.284 (× 109/L). Z is 30.975 among the three healthy groups. There was statistical significance (P<0.001). The platelet level of children with CP and healthy children are reduced with age growing. But the platelet level of children with CP is visibly higher than that of healthy children.

Conclusions: Platelet count of children with CP was significantly increased which made contribution to the form of microthrombus, increased blood viscosity and reduced cerebral blood flow perfusion. Platelet levels in CP group were decreased with age growing. It was suggested that early intervention was adopted in the blood coagulation process when children with CP were young, which was beneficial to the rehabilitation of CP.

Author(s): Hongyin Zhai, Bing Xia, Haihao Wu, Junqing Zhang
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