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Study on the injury of shoulder joint and should rotator cuff of tennis players in receiving ball

Background: The most common sports injury of the tennis players in the receiving ball is the injury of the shoulder joint and the shoulder rotator cuff. This research was aimed to find the diagnosis of shoulder joint injury and exploration of injury causes when receiving ball.

Methods: 31 patients with shoulder joint injury caused by the receiving ball in three hospitals were selected from 2010-2015. MRI was used if X-ray cannot confirm the result. The diagnosis was performed by arthroscopy for serious rotator cuff injury. The Zlatkin classification of MRI was used as the diagnostic criterion.

Results: In the rotator cuff injury, the first level was the largest, the second level was less, and the third level only had 3 cases. Further analysis of the injury showed that the receiving injury of tennis players was mainly caused by inadequate preparation activities.

Conclusion: The MRI imaging technology can clearly reflect the rotator cuff injury, which can be widely used in the clinical diagnosis of tennis players receiving injury.

Author(s): Haolin Fang, Jian Li, Ru Gong, Yaping Liu
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