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Study on the inheritance of ancient culture based on the physiology and psychology

The ancient cultural relics are the proof of our country's long history and culture. The ancient culture has the extremely important research value in the field of archaeology and history, and it is one of the precious tourism resources in China with the great potential for development, so the research on the ancient cultural heritage has a strong practical significance. Based on this, the research of the ancient cultural heritage based on the physiology and psychology was studied in this paper. In this paper, first of all, the computability of physiological and psychological was introduced; then, the classification of the heritage and protection project of ancient culture was studied in detail; the field investigation was carried out. The survey shows that in order to realize the inheritance of ancient culture, our country should carry out appropriate subsidies, and the appropriate development of ancient culture can achieve the balance of revenue and expenditure.

Author(s): Yang Yingfa
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