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Study on the effect of professional sports clothing on sports physiology

With the movement of the whole people and the development of competitive sports, the science and technology investment of sports equipment is increasing in each country, and there are a lot of high performance sports clothes with special function. As a kind of high performance sports equipment, wicking professional sports clothing is very popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and its impact on sports physiology is also a hot research topic at home and abroad. Based on this, from the professional sports clothing on the impact of the heat and moisture dissipation, the impact of thermal stress on the exercise physiology was studied, and two sets of professional sports wear of C1 and C2 were designed. The thermal manikin was studied and the analysis of thermal resistance, moisture resistance and permeability index of sports clothing were conducted. Prediction of heat (PHS) model was used to predict and analyse changes of physiological indexes such as skin temperature, sweating rate and total sweat of human body of professional sports clothing and ordinary polo shirt after wearing in five different environments, and the heat regulation effect of professional sports clothing on human body under different environment was obtained. Practice has proved that wearing professional sports clothing can effectively reduce the body’s sweat volume, lower body temperature, prolong the duration of movement.

Author(s): Zhiwei Li, Yong Wang
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