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Study on the active compounds of Sisymbrium irio L. grown in agricultural fields west of mosul city.

In this study, active compounds such as: of Ascorbic acid, Catechol, Vanillin, Benzoic acid, Salicylic acid and Quercetin separated from crude of Herbs belonging to the Sisymbrium irio L that collected from Al-Qawsiat area, which is located within mosul city.

Separating process of compounds was carried out through high-performance liquid chromatography technique, the samples examined by LC-20 AD ShimadZu HPLC, which included C18 (240 × 4.60 mm) column chromatography.

Quantitatively, the concentrations of the active compounds under study ranged between (0.06080 and 0.00008) mg/g of plant tissue, Ascorbic acid was the highest quantitatively, then Vanillin, Benzoic acid, Catechol, Salicylic acid, While Quercetin was at the end of the series in quantitative terms.

Environmentally, results showed that the Concentrations of the positive ions( Na1+, K1+, Ca2+ and Mg2+) were (78,15,235 and 47,97) ppm respectively, while the negative ions (Cl-1, HCO3 -1 and SO4 -2) were (68,69 and 187.43) ppm respectively, while the major nutrients (ready phosphorous and ready nitrogen) amounted to (1.08 and 42.12) ppm respectively, and these results indicate that the soil under study is very suitable for plant growth, but it must be said that Most of the positive ions under study were within the low critical limits.

Author(s): Fathi A. Al-Mandeel
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