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Study on preparation process of an anti-aging Chinese herbal compound healthy beverage

Objective: To study the preparation process of anti-aging healthy beverage.

Methods: L9 (34) was used to identify, weigh and pretreat raw materials, optimize and make an orthogonal experiment with as reference, screen out the optimal formula of beverage blending in accordance with sensory score.

Results: The best formula of anti-aging healthy beverage with compound hawthorn and Astragalus membranaceus: 43% for extraction amount of Chinese herbal medicine such as hawthorn and Astragalus membranaceus, dosage of sweetener for 8.4%, dosage of β-cyclodextrins for 0.5%, dosage of essence for 0.07%, xanthan gum for 0.05%, CMC Na for 0.15%, pectin for 0.06% and carrageenan for 0.04%. In this way, beverage flavor and stability are both the best.

Conclusion: Beverage with healthy function with hawthorn and Astragalus membranaceus as the main materials can be controlled to the optimum in stability and homogeneity effect. Beverage flavor can be ensured the best; at the same time, the production stability of the food industry can be ensured.

Author(s): Chao Hua, Geliang Chen, Xiaoli Wen, Jing Liu, Jing Zhang
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