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Study on G-protein-coupled receptor polymorphisms reveals close relationship with asthma in a population of China

To evaluate the relationship of G protein-coupled receptor for asthma susceptibility (GPRA) with asthma and the total IgE levels in a Chinese population. Six Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) from GPRA were determined by Taqman SNP genotyping assay and genotyped by studying the subjects of 143 cases and 171 controls. We assessed Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in control group. Association between SNPs and corresponding haplotypes, IgE as well as asthma was studied. Regarding allelic distribution, current study showed similar pattern with that of other populations. For rs324981, the minor allele homozygotes AA lowered the risk for asthma (case-control OR: 0.34, P=0.002). rs324396 (TT) was protective for asthma (OR: 0.42, P=0.003). Although association between the six SNP haplotypes and asthma was not observed, haplotype H3 CTACGA was related to total IgE (OR: 1.53, P=0.004). Our study supports that GPRA gene plays a role in asthma susceptibility and also suggests two protective factors for asthma from this gene.

Author(s): Zhen-gang Yu, Zhao-zhong Cheng
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