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Study on enzymatic extraction of polyphenol constituents in Fructus choerospondiatis.

The objective of the paper is to achieve full utilization of Fructus Choerospondiatis resources, and optimize the extraction process of polyphenols, the active constituents in Fructus Choerospondiatis. Extraction was performed by enzymatic method with total polyphenol content as the investigation indicator, process conditions were optimized using orthogonal design, and the content of gallic acid after enzymatic extraction was determined by HPLC. As results, optimal extraction process of total polyphenols was as follows: extraction time of 2 h, temperature of 65?, enzyme dosage of 1.5%, pH of 6.0, liquid-solid ratio of 45, and total polyphenol extraction rate of 9.923%. In conclusion, the method presented is simple and feasible, which is superior to conventional solvent extraction methods, and thus can be used as the extraction process of total polyphenols in Fructus Choerospondiatis.

Author(s): Zhizhong Sun, Lijie Zhang, Yixin Fang, Haijun Huang, Mudan Wang
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