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Study of the relationship between EGFR mutation status and bone metastasis in advanced lung adenocarcinoma

To investigate the relationship between EGFR gene status and bone metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma, we collected the data of 331 patients with advanced lung cancer, and the status of EGFR mutation was detected by RT-PCR. Follow-ups of these patients were performed. In these patients, the EGFR mutation rate was 52.2%. The incidence of bone metastases (54.9%) and brain metastases (29.4%) with EGFR mutant patients was higher than that of the wild-type EGFR patients. Compared with the number of metastases, EGFR mutant bone metastases were more than 2 and more, and the proportion of wild type single-site metastasis was more. The median survival of bone metastases in advanced lung adenocarcinoma was 14.7 months. Mutant EGFR group, bone metastasis group median survival in 18.2 months, no bone metastasis group median survival in 21.8 months. In the wild-type group, the median survival of the bone metastases group was 11.5 months, and the median survival in the non-bone metastases group was 15.5 months. EGFR mutations are more likely to develop bone metastasis and brain metastasis in patients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma.

Author(s): Xiaoye Ai, Adalati Yasheng, Zhennan Zhangjia, Ying Tong, Bing Zhao
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