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Study of the effect of Anastatica hierochuntica L. extracts in aspects of the life performance of Tribolium castaneum with the diagnosis of active compounds using GC-MAS.

A series of tests were carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the extract of the crude turbines and the water extract (hot and cold) for the plant of the palm of Mary (Anastatica hierochuntica L) in some standards of life performance of red beetle (Tribolium castaneum). The results showed the superiority of the extract of crude turbines. On the hot and cold water extract in the occurrence of high mortality rate of the different roles and stages of the insect and different treatment methods as the results showed the sensitivity of these stages of the extracts and the results showed that the third larval stage more sensitive than the sixth larvae. With the highest mortality rate of the third larval stage when treated with the extract of the terabenic compounds in the manner of mixing the extract with the flour where the percentage of loss was 81.14% at the concentration 4 mg/ml. The results showed the sensitivity of the virgin phase to these extracts. The highest percentage of the treatment was treated with the extract of the crude turbent compounds at the concentration of 4 mg/ml at 72.29%. The results also showed deformation of the treated oats and the failure of adults to exit the casing. The effect of the different extracts on the adult insects was also shown, and high levels of loss of the roles and stages of the treatment. The active compounds were also diagnosed using GC-MAS for the extract of the crude turbent compounds of the plant as the most effective extracts. The technique showed ten effective compounds that appeared at different times of detention.

Author(s): Aseel kariem Al-sultany, Sarah Kadhim Al-Rahimy, Khansaa abdulAlee Shaheed, Maedah Ayyed Khalaf
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