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Study of related factors about positive biological monitoring of steam sterilization and emergent treatment

Objective: This study aimed to gain relevant experience from an emergent treatment about steam sterilization rapid biological monitoring (BI).

Methods: To analyse the positive result of BI of steam sterilization and take effective measures, including stopping distributing, recalling all items processed back to the last negative BI, analyzing the physical and chemical monitoring back to the last negative BI, and repairing sterilizer.

Results: Recall 36 surgical instrument packages, use other sterilization method, and distribute the items after BI. No surgery was disturbed. The reason that Belimed MST9-6-18HS2 prevacuum steam sterilizer failed was aging of rubber gasket inside pressure switch, which led to leak. After replacing the sterilizer pressure switches and accessories, BI and Bowie-Dick tests were passed for three times and sterilizer was reused.

Conclusion: Except for the conventional maintenance, the sterilizer needed regular and deep inspection and timely replacement of wearing or related accessories. Effective emergent treatment should be taken to control the medical risks produced by positive BI.

Author(s): Huang Hao, Zhou Xiao Li, Zeng Ai Ying, He Jia, Zhang Pu Yue, Ruan Hong Mei, Qin Nian
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