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Study of lipid profiles in the serum of cardiovascular patients suffering from diabetes

Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in humans that is increasing in prevalence in the world. The serum lipids are one the most important indicators for control and assessment of Diabetes treatment. The purpose of this study is evaluating the fat levels for prevention and life improvement of diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease. 50 cardiovascular patients with diabetes who were referred for treatment in 2 months and 50 non-diabetic individuals affected with cardiovascular diseases were selected as Control group. After 8 hours of fasting blood samples were taken. After centrifugation and separation of serum, blood lipids in the samples were measured. The level of harmful fats like cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, VLD in Cardiovascular patients suffering from diabetes increased and HDL level decreased. Statistically, all these differences in indicator levels were significant in diabetic and non-diabetic groups. The results showed that to decrease the harmful fats increased in diabetic patients, lipid- lowering drugs should be used.

Author(s): Bahador Fadaei, Pouyan Asadi, Elahe Alivaisi, Safoura Khajeniazi, Hadi Peyman, Saeed Parshang, Mahdi Khorshidtalab, Salar Bakhtiyari
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