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Study of educational environment trends of Iranian universities of medical sciences, during the 2008-2013, from the perspective of general medicine clinical students (levels of interns and externs)

Purpose: Purpose of this study is study of Students attitude and dispelling of its related barriers at educational environments by educational decision makers.

Design: This is a descriptive- analytical study.

Subjects: Sampling did randomly and during the evaluation external evaluation team headquarters of the ministry of health and from general medicine clinical students (level interns and externs) during the 2008 to 2013. The number of universities under study has been 102. The total sample size was 2,810 students. In order to reduce the errors and increasing the accuracy, students in basic science and physiopathology levels, were excluded from the study.

Measures: it this study it has been tried that governing space on the educational environment tested by DREEM (The Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure).

Results: The results show that university students attitude under study during the years of 2008 until 2013 on average were 109 of the 200 scores. Results show in 2008 score of 134, in 2009 score of 99, in 2010 score of 101, in 2011 score of 106, in 2012 score of 107 and in 2013 score of 108. Mean of earned total score during these years is 109 score.

Conclusion: This information show significant differences up to score of 200 standard questionnaires. Groups of 3 included scores of 101-150, that show more positive students concept of attitude than negative.

Author(s): Soudabeh Vatankhah, Abbas Kouhsari, Mohammad Shekarnejad
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