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Students, perception of computer assisted teaching and learning of anatomy- in a scenario where cadavers are lacking

Computer software program for three dimensional (3D) modeling of anatomical structures in the human body that presents detailed and step by step cadaver dissections can be used for computer assisted teaching and learning of anatomy. Anatomical drawing, models, skeletons, and live demonstrations supplement the classroom learning environment. It can provide detailed human anatomical training for students, where there is a lack of cadaver facility. The multimedia equipped interactive Anatomical laboratory software’s enhance both memorization and visual learning skill and has been shown to be an effective teaching aid (Guy & Frisby, 1992), they will improve imaging data analysis and so represent a major advance in determining prognosis and therapeutic strategy. THE AIM of the study is to survey student’s opinion/perception on the use of computer assisted classes for teaching anatomy and to determine the place of computer in the teaching—learning process of anatomy to bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS) students, as whether they can replace or substitute cadavers. A questionnaire model was given to MBBS students. While studying anatomy, the students accessed a room equipped with computers containing previously loaded anatomy programs. The analysis of the questionnaire showed that for students the computer room considerably facilitate the study of anatomy in easy manner and also potentially increases the understanding of the lesson, at the same time considered that the computer room cannot replace cadaver dissection

Author(s): Fazal-Ur-Rehman, Sheeba Nuzhat Khan, S. Mobashir Yunus
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