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Structural And Mechanical Behaviour Of P(Hema) Hydrogel For Lumbar Disc Prosthesis.

Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) - p(HEMA) - is a biocompatible polymer that forms a hydrogel when mixed with water. Water content and oxygen permeability, mechanical properties of p(HEMA) hydrogel can be controlled by cross-linking rate or by copolymerization; that is why p(HEMA) hydrogels have multiple biomedical applications. This paper objective was to analyse a biomaterial made of p(HEMA) for its use as intermediate element within intervertebral disc prosthesis on lumbar spine. Transparent lenses form p(HEMA) biomaterial is used in this study. The mechanical and structural characterization of polymer based on p(HEMA) has included surface topographic analysis, determination of swelling rate and X-ray diffraction , compactness, optical and electron microscopy analysis, indentation tests and preliminary compression tests. Intervertibral discs are manufactured by many conventional technique but due to increased advancement in implantation, Rapid Prototyping takes wide platform with greater mechanical property.

Author(s): V Nirmal Kannan, G Sankara Narayanan
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