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Structural analysis of the Babesia microti thioredoxin reductase: a potential drug target for babesiosis treatment

Babesia microti, the causative agent of human babesiosis which was endemic in United States and parts of Europe with sporadic cases in other regions is expanding its geographical range. Being a common transfusion threat, Babesia has become a cause of concern in researchers and epidemiologists. Human babesiosis is now recognized as an emerging disease and gains more attention now than ever before. Thioredoxin reductase, a promising drug target in apicomplexan parasite has been validated in several species. This study focused on in-silico analysis of physicochemical properties, functional and structural aspects of thioredoxin reductase of B. microti. Comparative modeling approach was adopted for developing the three dimensional structural model of Thioredoxin reductase of Babesia microti. The model developed was found to be of reasonably good stereo-chemical quality by structure validation servers. This study will provide valuable insights about the function and structure of the enzyme thioredoxin reductase of B. microti and aid in developing effective chemotherapeutic agents for control and treatment of Babesia.

Author(s): Neelima Arora, Amit Kumar Banerjee, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu
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