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Soft tissue sarcomas management guidelines

Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are group of rare tumors arising from mesenchymal tissues. It can develop in soft tissues like skeletal muscle, fibrous tissue, fat, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and the deep layers of the skin. The disease can arise in any part of the body, but mostly found in arms and legs, and are also found in internal organs and abdominal cavity. However, soft tissue sarcomas are still uncommon even with more than hundred different types of sarcomas of soft tissues. The disease comprises less than one percent of adult malignancies and twelve percent of pediatric malignancies. As a rare disease with heterogeneity of its subtypes, there is low availability of data to recommend evidencebased management guidelines. STS management guidelines are recent recommendations for surgeons for better diagnosis and treatment of different types of sarcomas, aiming at improving quality of care in patient, and giving them the proper decision for management. This review will summarize clinical presentation, diagnosis, investigation, staging and multidisciplinary treatment of different subtypes of STS based on most recent published guidelines.

Author(s): Abdulmalik Altaf, Wael Al Shelfa
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