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Sobel edge detection technique implementation for image steganography analysis

Existing image steganographic methods lack in the complexity, which can be utilized by the radical to decode the images and neutralize the operations. Several methods have been proposed in order to combat this. Perhaps the most efficient method is Edge Adaptive based on Least-Significant-bit Matched Revisited (LSBMR) approach using Sobel edge detection. It is a famous type of steganographic methods in the spatial domain. In this paper we are proposing the latest Steganography algorithm-Edge Adaptive based on Least-Significant-bit Matched Revisited (EALSBMR) approach with the help of Sobel edge detection. The presented technique uses image-processing technique to detect edges and also comparison is developed based on MATLAB software. Sobel edge detection technique was applied on cover images to determine edges. Then sharper edges were exploited for embedding secret bits.

Author(s): Smitha GL, Baburaj E
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