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Small bowel obstruction caused by migrated intrauterine contraceptive device: A case report

Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD), as a safe and effective contraceptives method, has been widely applied in the world. In recent years, there was an increasing number of reports concerning ascending complications of the genital organs in IUD-users. However, only a few studies published the small bowel obstruction caused by migrated IUD. Prior to the IUD era, intestinal obstruction is mainly caused by other reasons, such as mechanical, dynamic and vascular and so on. Intestinal obstruction is a rare, not unusual, but a severe complication of the use of IUD. In this article, we reported a case that the IUD migrated into the abdominal cavity causes small bowel obstruction in the old female.

Author(s): Hong-Wei Yang, Zong-Guang Zhou
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