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Single-port laparoscopy for treatment of concomitant adnexal masses and chole-cystectomy or appendectomy

Objective: To report our experience treating adnexal masses concomitant appendectomy or cholecystectomy using of the Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS).

Methods: Nine women with symptomatic and persistent adnexal masses with appendicitis or cholecystitis are included to study. Removal of adnexal masses and performed appendectomy or cholecystectomy via single-incision laparoscopic surgery using a combination of the SILSTM port and straight non-roticulating laparoscopic instruments.

Results: 6 patients had symptomatic complex adnexial masses and 3 patients had symptomatic myoma uteri. In 2 of the patients had myoma uteri appendectomy (hysterectomy+bso+appendectomy) were performed concomitantly and in 1 of patients had myoma uteri cholecystectomy (hysterectomy+BSO +cholecystectomy) were performed concomitatly. In 4 of the patients had symptomatic adnexal masses appendectomy (hysterectomy+bso or uso or cystectomy+appendectomy) were performed concomitantly and in 2 of patients had complex adnexial masses cholecystectomy (hysterectomy+USO or USO+cholecystectomy) were performed concomitatly. Mean duration of surgery was 128 min. None of the patients converted to laparotomy. All patients were discharged on postoperative d 1. None of the patients required readmission to hospital. Post-surgery all patients reported that they were satisfied with their incision and cosmetic results.

Conclusion: SILS can result in better aesthetic result than conventional laparoscopy for the treatment of adnexal masses concomitant appendectomy or cholecystectomy.

Author(s): Yusuf Aytac Tohma, Tugan Tezcaner, Emre Gunakan, Irem Kucukyildiz, Mustafa Kemal Takal, Hulusi Bulent Zeyneloglu, Polat Dursun
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