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Short-term efficacy of patients with brain metastases from lung cancer treated by micro catheter intervention chemotherapy

Objective: To evaluate the application of micro catheter technique in interventional treatment of Intracranial Metastatic Tumor (IMT) by observing the short-term efficacy of patients with IMT from lung cancer treated by micro catheter intervention chemotherapy.

Methods: From September 2012 to August 2016, a total of 33 patients with IMT from lung adenocarcinoma received Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy (AICT) using micro catheter technique. This procedure was performed every 4 w for 2 times in succession. Follow-up head enhanced MRI was used in 4 weeks after the last treatment to evaluate the short-term efficacy according to the RECIST.

Results: 33 cases were treated. Complete response was obtained in 1 (3.03%), partial response was obtained in 17 (51.52%), stable condition in 12 (36.36%), and deterioration in 3 (9.09%). The effective rate of IMT was 48.48%(16/33, p>0.05) and the 69.70% (23/33, p<0.05) were brought under control. All the side effects were grades I and II (27.27%, 9/33). The rate of cerebrovascular complication was 13.64% (9/66), without obvious sequelae after treatment.

Conclusion: Interventional chemotherapy of IMT using micro catheter technique has a reliable shortterm efficacy, with minor and controllable side effects, is one of the effective options in treatment of IMT.

Author(s): Qian Chen, Jing Ren, Xinyu Yang, Zaiyu Guo
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