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Serum Magnesium and Dyslipidemia in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

Hypomagnesaemia is a common feature in patients with type-2 diabetes. It may be a cause or consequence of diabetes. This study was designed to find out the serum magnesium levels and its influence on serum lipids, in type 2 diabetics and how it is associated with the duration & complication of the disease. 45 known diabetic patients and 25 controls were taken for the study in and around Puducherry. The mean length of time the patients were diagnosed as diabetics were, 7.28 (± 2.1) years. This period was taken as the duration of disease. The serum magnesium and HDLc were significantly lowered (p<0.001) and all other lipid profile levels (TG, TCh, LDLc, VLDLc) were significantly higher (p<0.001) in cases. Our correlation study revealed a significant negative association between Serum Magnesium (Mg) and fasting plasma glucose and duration of the disease expressing its role in complication processes. Serum Mg also depicted significant negative relation with TG and VLDLc (r= -0.519,r = -0.518) and positive relation with serum HDLc (r =0.741), which explains associative evidence of its role in dyslipidemia. Our study substantiates the known importance of Mg supplementation in diabetics to prevent complications.

Author(s): Sasmita Mishra, P. Padmanaban, G.N. Deepti, G.Sarkar, S. Sumathi, B.D. Toora
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