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Serum ischemia modified albumin (IMA) levels of patients with bipolar disorder in remission and healthy controls

Oxidative stress might play an important role in neurological and psychiatric diseases due to the central nervous system sensitivity to reactive oxygen species. Aim of this study is to contribute these data about oxidative stress in bipolar disorder, by detecting IMA levels of bipolar disorder patients in remission and also by comparing these results with healthy controls. Study population consisted of 35 outpatients with bipolar disorder, who being in remission. The patients meeting the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition criteria for bipolar disorder I. 36 healthy subjects were included as control group. Serum ischemia modified albumin levels of all participants were determined and the results were compared between these two groups. The age, gender and ischemia modified albumin levels were not significantly different between bipolar disorder patients and healthy controls. Studies focusing on oxidative stress in bipolar disorder have reached controversial results up till now. The many different markers have been investigated to explain the effects of oxidative stress on bipolar disorders, and this might be reason why there are conflicting results. In addition, the past episodes of patients who were in remission during this study are unclear. Further investigations are needed to be carrying out to illustrate possible changes of oxidative balance in psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder.

Author(s): Kubranur Unal, Canan Topcuoglu, Merve Cingi Yirun
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