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Serum cystatin C and cystatin C/albumin ratio for the evaluation of liver function in patients with cirrhosis

Purpose: The aim of this study is to analyze the serum cystatin C (Cys C) and cystatin C/albumin (Alb) ratio in patients with cirrhosis and evaluate the role of serum Cys C in the evaluation of liver function.

Methods: The liver function of patients was graded according to the Child-Pugh Score. According to the serum Cys C levels (determined with particle-enhanced immunonephelometric assay), the patients were divided into two groups: the high Cys C level group and normal Cys C level group. The correlation between the Child-Pugh grades/scores and the serum Cys C level, Cys C/Alb ratio were investigated.

Results: The Cys C values were not correlated to Child-Pugh grades and scores. Besides, the Cys C/Alb ratio of both groups had a linear regressive relationship with the Child-Pugh scores. Ninety-seven percentage sensitivity and 100% specificity were achieved for the evaluation of liver function in cirrhosis patients with high serum Cys C level.

Conclusion: Cys C value and Cys C/Alb ratio are accurate for liver function evaluation in the cirrhosis patients with high serum Cys C levels. Compared with the Cys C value, the Cys C/Alb ratio is more related to the liver function and can be used as an indicator in cirrhosis patients with normal serum Cys C level for the evaluation of liver function.

Author(s): Yang Xue, Kang Changming, Li Hanhua, Qiu Chunhua
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