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Self-care ability and influencing factors in chronic heart failure patients

Objectives: To describe the self-care abilities and associated factors in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients.

Methods: Participant characteristics, illness-related information, and self-care ability were investigated using self-report questionnaires and patient records for 91 CHF patients in Nantong University Affiliated Hospital, China.

Results: On average, patients had medium- to low-level self-care abilities. Comprehensive self-care ability was positively influenced by higher education level, employment status, and income level. Patients who received health education and had sound heart function had better self-care abilities. Regression analysis showed that the factors influencing self-care ability included average monthly income, education level, and heart function grading.

Conclusions: Self-care ability in CHF patients is, in general, in medium to low ranges, indicating that medical workers need to enhance self-care education for CHF patients to help them better understand their condition and help them gain the necessary skills for self-care. We conclude that, when conducting self-care education for patients, medical workers should tailor their approach based on the individual characteristics of the patient. Doing so would effectively promote patient knowledge, mobility, and treatment compliance.

Author(s): Xiaoling Lei, Minsui Cai
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