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Secured therapeutic applications for drug repositioning on the cloud computing

Computing is virtually invading all domains of businesses and the Pharmaceutical Industry is in fact the latest one to join this elite club that utilizes the cloud phenomenon to improve productivity and efficiency of pharmaceutical processes. From the existing drug, discovering a new drug with the help of cloud computing makes the production of drug as cost effective and minimize time to develop. Hence here proposed a methodology using effective resource utilization and fuzzy logic for the pharma industry to rely on modern cloud based technologies to effectively perform the drug repositioning. Complex events that involve intensive computing processes can be done at ease thereby increasing the scope of repositioning the existing drugs in a fast manner. However security of such systems needs to be improved and the existing methodologies involve a considerable loss in execution time and efficiency. This paper explores one such area where the security of cloud can be improved and customized according to the pharma industry with a relatively improved performance and efficiency.

Author(s): M Padma, G Geetharamani
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