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Screening for breast and cervix cancers in a rural part of Turkey

Background: Cancer is a common public health problem in whole world and various screening programs are used in the world for breast and cervix cancers. These screening programs are very important for promotion of public health.

Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study involved all villages in Adiyaman city center which are above a population of 400 in 2010 and 2011. Mammography films and Pap smear test used for screening.

Results: 817 women that approved screening were transported to screening center. 476 women participated in mammography screening for breast cancer and 733 women participated in cervical screening for cervical cancer. Among these women, 2.5% stated to have a previous mammography and 3 women (0.7%) have a previous pap smear due to some reason. In detailed evaluations, no woman was detected to have breast cancer and one CIN-1 cervix cancer was detected.

Conclusion: Although cancer detection rate was low, participation to cancer screening program should be increased. Especially use of mobile screening vehicles may be helpful.

Author(s): Lutfi Saltuk Demir, Nuray Aksoy Asuk, Nazlim Aktug Demir
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