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Role of inflammatory markers in risk stratification of Covid-19

Introduction: COVID-19 infection caused by SARS-CoV-2, is growing rapidly worldwide. Though most of the cases have mild or no symptoms with a good prognosis but some csaes can develop into ARDS and even death. The analysis of markers like CRP, Ferritin, IL6, LDH, PCT, D-dimer got much importance in Covid19 infection for monitoring the progression of disease and in formulating the treatment protocols in patients. Our study aimed to check the role of the inflammatory markers in risk stratification of the Covid-19 patients. Methodology: A total number of 300 Covid 19 infected patients admitted in NRI General and Super speciality were included in the study. All the 300 patients were divided into 3 groups each of 100 mild, moderate and severe depending upon the symptoms at the time of admission and blood samples were collected from all the patients to analyze Hs CRP, Ferritin, IL6, LDH, PCT and D-dimer. The data collected is compared among the three groups using the statistical tool Analysis of variance-ANOVA.

Results: Among the three groups, in severe grade cases there is a significant rise in IL 6, Hs CRP and Ferritin When compared with the other Groups. Furthermore, the patients with IL-6>50.1 pg/mL or Hs CRP >60.8 mg/L or Feritin >1000 mg/L were more likely to have severe complications. It is also observed that there is a positive correlation among the markers in mild and moderate cases but no correlation in severe cases.

Discussion and Conclusion: The serum levels of IL-6, Hs CRP and Ferritin can effectively assess disease severity and predict outcome in patients with COVID-19.

Author(s): Siva Prabodh V, Veera Babu V, Harika K, Samatha P, Bharath Ch, Santhiraj K, Mary Swathi Mounica K
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