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Review: Lactococcus Lactis: An efficient Gram positive cell factory for the production and secretion of recombinant protein

Lactococcus lactis, a model lactic acid bacterium that is widely used in the dairy industry, which proves beneficial due to its easy protein secretion and purification. It is also a potential host for the production of therapeutic recombinant proteins. Many heterologous proteins have been produced in L.lactis but very few report the whole system of the gene expression machinery and its application. Here, we review the complete gene expression system for the L.lactis right from the promoters, roll of signal peptides, site of expression and specific protein targeting system. Thus the review can be a guide for the appropriate selection of strains and site for the expression system in L.lactis.

Author(s): Roshan D?Souza, Dipendra Raj Pandeya*, Seong-Tshool Hong
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