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Retracted: Autologous umbilical cord patch repair 11 cases of congenital gastroschisis

Objective: To improve the issue of neonatal congenital gastroschisis with success rate of surgery and long-term quality of life.

Methods: In January 2012-December 2016, the application of autologous umbilical cord repaired patch issue of 11 cases of congenital gastroschisis.

Results: 11 cases of children with a phase of the operation to be successful, the average length of hospital stay: 19.68 ± 2.75 d. Postoperative follow-up of 6 months to 2 y, 8 patients recovered well. The formation of small abdominal wall hernia occurred in the other 3 cases. They were also cured after the secondary surgery repair.

Conclusion: Autologous umbilical cord patch repair can be applied on congenital gastroschisis. This method is simple and convenient, without foreign body rejection, with fewer complications, and most children don't need a second phase of the operation.

Author(s): Fengli Liu, Tongsheng Ma, Zhandong Zeng, Jianjun Zhang, Ning Zhang, Haibin Yuan
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