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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


Research on residency doctors' training and management

This paper mainly through residency training and management of the United States as the representative of the Medical developed regions, China's residency training and managing, these two parts investigate residency training management developed regions and developing countries. In the United States, developed areas of medical residency training management, I focused on the history and achievements of the United States residency training system, from various departments, resident work hours, residents of the assessment, the United States resident income, the US specialist examination, other aspects discussed. In the second part, we discusses China's residency training and in terms of management training management training management system and content. In the last part, summed up the first two parts, namely the Sino-US residency training management research, presented positive significance China residency training management implementation. This is the main idea of this paper.

Author(s): Yunxia Hong, Xiaojuan Chen, Kewen Jiang
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