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Research on forgiveness characteristics development of adolescents in China

Objective: To provide effective basis for the forgiveness development of adolescents through the large scale investigation on the characteristics for the first time.

Methods: 2324 cases of adolescents in China were selected for the forgiveness questionnaire-Forgiveness Questionnaire of Adolescents.

Results: The results showed that the total forgiveness score of adolescents was 3.79, which was between "minor no" and "minor yes" in the positive range. Adolescents' forgiveness showed differences in learning period and gender.

Conclusion: Generally, China's adolescents' forgiveness is positive, but it needs to be improved. The total forgiveness score increases with the learning period. In-depth forgiveness increases with the learning period while surface forgiveness decreases with the learning period. The total forgiveness of male is significantly higher than that of female after middle school. The in-depth forgiveness of male is significantly lower than that of female, while surface forgiveness shows the contrary.

Author(s): Zhou Yan-Gen, Lu Jia-Mei, Sang Qing-song, Zhang Peng-cheng, Wang Hai-Bin
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