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Biomedical Research

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Research on clinical significance of cerebral vascular function in patients with silent cerebral infarction and risky factors

Recent advancements in brain imaging technologies have facilitated the understanding on several neurological deficits. Increased cases of cerebral infarction have led scientists to focus their researches on the related topics. Silent cerebral infarctions commonly known as silent strokes are one of the poorly understood neurological deficit which still lacks a clear definition. Cerebral infarction is more apparently found in patients with silent cerebral infarction. In this paper, the concept of silent cerebral infarction was studied, and the pathology and etiology were analysed. The patients were selected as the research objects, and their cerebrovascular function was detected. The paper also analyses the correlation between risk factors and better treatment options were also discussed to make certain contributions to the progress of medicine.

Author(s): Ming Yang, Jinhua Wang, Haiyan Lin, Feifei Jiang
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