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Research of China's general hospital informationization construction situation

Objective: In order to understand the current situation and problems of hospital information system construction in China, this article analyses the main problems and development tendency to provide the scientific basis of formulation.

Methods: Develop stratified sampling network questionnaire survey of the different levels general hospitals in countrywide 31 provinces, cities, municipalities and Sinkiang production construction legions, sampling from one general hospital in province, city and county which includes tertiary hospital, secondary hospital, primary hospital and unclassed hospital.

Results: The directors of hospital manage informationization in almost 90% general hospitals. From 2009 to 2012, the average growth rate of general hospital informationization construction funding was 57.59%; informationization planning and making situations had significant differences in informationization fulltime staff, funding and other criterions; from 2009 to 2012, the self-financing occupied 82.65% of total construction funds in general hospitals, financial capital investment’s sustainability did not get good development; the average employees of China’s general hospital informationization was 2.76; about 90% of hospital did not develop information security level protection classification.

Conclusions: China need to research and promulgate the relevant instruction for hierarchical guidance of the general hospital informationization, include different levels of hospital informationization human resources’ arrangement standard, exploration of the operation and maintenance of the matched funds enhancing the systematization and continuity of financial inputs, encourage the social capital join the hospital informationization construction, expedite the cooperation of network information security department to formulate medical institution information security management, and promote hospital system connection and information sharing.

Author(s): Hongpu Hu, Quan Chen, Juan Li, Tao Dai
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