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Report of a deadly case of potter syndrome: A case report.

Background: Potter’s syndrome is a rare congenital disorder that refers to a set of clinical manifestations that are associated with oligohydramnios caused by fetal kidney failure. The hallmark of this syndrome is the special clinical picture that in addition oligohydramnios characteristic with pulmonary hypoplasia, bilateral renal agenesis; limb deformities and specific face. The embryo dies before or immediately after birth due to respiratory failure. The aim of this study is to report a fetus with Potter’s syndrome that was born by vaginal delivery. Case report: Ultrasound examination of pregnant woman revealed that her male fetus with gestational age of 25 weeks with Potter’s syndrome and the amniotic fluid index is zero. The mother was hospitalized in unit labor and delivered in a natural course. The baby had a clinical picture of Potter’s syndrome and severe respiratory distress and died shortly after birth. Conclusion: Potter’s syndrome is a very serious condition and most of the time it is deadly. Prenatal ultrasound by examining oligohydramnios and kidneys helps to diagnose.

Author(s): Mehrbano Amirshahi, Mahin Badakhsh, Zohreh Sadat Hashemi
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