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Regenerative property of PRF used as capping material in pulpotomy in dogs

Among the new approaches to tissue regeneration platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is shown to have significant effect in different surgical fields like pulpotomy. The PRF clot forms a strong natural fibrin matrix with platelets and growth factors and makes a complex structure as a healing matrix. The blood of adult healthy dogs weighting 18 ± 3 kg centrifuged for 12 min at 10000 /rpm. The PRF was isolated. A cervical cavity was prepared in the three incisors of both upper and lower jaw. When the pink color of pulp was seen through the thin layer of dentin, a No.2 explorer was used to expose the pulp. In group A no treatment was performed and the cavities were filled only by zonalin cement. In group B, PRF was placed on exposure site and zonalin cement over it. All teeth were extracted and sections were viewed under light microscope. Different degrees of inflammation and necrosis were observed in pulpal tissues in group A. Dentinal bridge was not observed in group A. Different degrees of dentin bridge formation were observed in group B. Mean necrosis in group A (1) was significantly higher when compared to the mean degree of necrosis in group B (0.16). (P=0.001). Dentin bridge formation occurred in the pulpal tissue of the dog’s incisor teeth capped with PRF, which shows promising effects in healing of the wounded pulp.

Author(s): Masoumeh Hassani Tabatabayi, Azin Tavakoli, Bahareh Aghamohammadi Ameghani
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