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Rabies in coronary care unit: a case report

Rabies features encephalitis and neurological symptoms. Although its clinical course can be prolonged by life support measures, its fatal outcome is virtually inevitable. Coronary artery disease has become so common that anyone complaining of chest discomfort is suspected. Despite the fact that rabies encephalitis is often complicated with heart impairment or myocarditis, it can still be ignored when cardiac symptoms like chest discomfort or shortness of breath act as chief complaints. This case report demonstrates a rabies patient presenting with conditions similar to acute coronary syndrome; he even underwent coronary angiography. He was the only rabies patient admitted by cardiologists in our hospital. This case reminded us that some unusual cause of cardiac manifestations needs to be considered during daily management of chest discomfort.

Author(s): Ye Liu, Xiyan Yang, Xinchun Yang
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